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Image by Taylor Heery


Salida Ceramics brings the magic of clay to life through community. Our vibrant studio offers an inclusive space where artists can explore their creativity and build connection through clay. We are welcoming anyone with clay experience to join as members and build our community. We host classes and workshops for throwing, sculpture, and hand-building. 



Members are the core of Salida Ceramics. They are able to work in the studio at any time and use all of the equipment, tools, and glazes in the studio. It's a community maker space centered around clay. If you have existing clay experience, this is perfect for you.


We are excited to offer a range of classes, from throwing on the wheel to hand building and sculpture. These are perfect for anyone who is new to clay and wants to learn! We have a supportive and engaging teaching environment where all are welcome.


Workshops are a great way to explore a specific technique or project. We plan to host workshops on topics like raku firing, advanced surface decoration, and more. This is community driven, so let us know what you're interested in and we will make it happen!


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135 F Street, Salida, CO 81201 | 

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